Standard 6

Physical education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals

Element 6.4: Communicate in ways that convey respect and sensitivity. 
Date: Fall 2012 

       I had the opportunity, through the Adapted Physical Education and Sport, to work with two students with students with disabilities in the Sport and Splash Program. While working with them I created an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Throughout the experience I built a positive and encouraging relationship with the students as well as their parents. I personally developed more as a teacher along with the student’s making many improvements.
      This artifact is a letter that I wrote to the individuals and their parents. This letter is a representation of standard 6 because it shows my ability to convey respect and sensitivity to the students and their parents.
      As a future Physical Educator, these qualities are crucial to acquire because I will need to be in contact with parents and caretakers frequently. It is important to maintain a positive relationship with parents and caretakers to ensure communication of information that can be vital for students learning. 

Element 6.2: Participate in activities that enhance collaboration and lead professional growth and development.
Artifact: Turkey Trot Video
Date: Fall 2012
        As a future physical educator and motivator for fitness, I am always trying to think of way to get more people moving. This past fall my sister and I teamed up and decided we wanted to host a small turkey trot in our town on Thanksgiving morning. After much collaboration, we decided we wanted the event to benefit to the town’s food pantry since Thanksgiving is a time for giving; the entry fee for the 5k-community fun run was a canned good. Being one of the creators and leaders of the event I held many responsibilities. My sister and I had to have good communication for the planning and execution of the event. The turn out of the event was greater than we had expected. It was a fun experience instructing and leading the participants through the 5K. 
      This artifact meets standard 6 because my sister and I had to collaborate between ourselves, the participates and the local food pantry to make the event successful. I also gain experience in leading a community event. Experiences similar to this will help me as a future physical educator. Through these events I will gain more leadership experience and exposure to working with people of all ages.
      As a physical educator it is important to organize events outside of the school to promote a healthy lifestyle to the whole community! Such events allow students to practice the skills they learn in class outside of class and give their families an opportunity to be involved.