Standard 4

Instructional Delivery and Management
Physical education candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.
Element 4.1: Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills across a variety of instructional formats.  
Artifact: Zoomed-In Version  
Date: Spring 2012

      During my field experience at Mexico Middle School I had the opportunity to assist with their lessons in cup stacking. As a gift to the school I created a bulletin board that was posted outside the gymnasium. The bulletin board included pictures of the cycle they were working on in class, the world record holder, and a picture of the record holder for their middle school. I also added a sheet that called “Mexico’s Cup Staking Hall of Fame” that the students could post their fastest time for completing the cycle.
      This artifact supports standard 4 because while I was participating in class I was providing verbal feedback and encouragement, while the bulletin board was a visual was of communicating with the students. The board was posted as a reminder of the cycle they were working on, while it also encouraged them to work hard to possibly get the chance to have their name posted on the “Hall of Fame.”
    This experience/standard is important to me as a future teacher because it is important to approach the students in multiple ways to ensure success. Teachers can use bulletin boards to help reinforce their lessons because students will see information outside of the class on the boards.


Element 4.2: Implement effective demonstrations explanations, and instructional cues and prompts to link physical activity concepts to appropriate learning experiences.
Date: Spring 2012
       In Basics of Effective Instruction in Physical Education I was challenged to teach an international sport. The sport I was assigned to teach was Shinty at a Kindergarten level. This sport is similar to Field Hockey but originated in Scotland over 2,000 years ago. To teach the swinging motion at a beginner level for Kindergarten I chose to relate this motion to a pendulum in a grandfather clock. So that the students were clear of the motion I was looking for I created a visual aid that had an actual moveable pendulum. 
       This artifact demonstrates standard 4 because the visual aid demonstrates the specific motion and cues I was highlighting during this lesson. I believe having attractive and interesting visual aids can help students understand and connect the cues to movements you are looking for.
        As a future teacher this standard is important to my development because it is essential to understand the importance of teaching in multiple modalities. Teaching in multiple modalities helps to ensure that students with different learning styles will all have an understanding. This would include verbally explaining, physically demonstrating, having visual aids with words and pictures and having the students perform the task mirroring the teacher. Understanding and implementing this as a teacher is very important for student learning.